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Ko took an opportunity to join the Mandarin film camp by acting in Lee Hsing’s early Chiungyao film, (Pai Ching-jui, 1967), another CMPC Mandarin film, for which Ko received the “Best Actor” award at the 1967 Film Festival in Asia.

Subsequently, he appeared in many of Pai’s comedy films.

The majority are Han Chinese, who started to emigrate to the island some 500 years ago, coming in several waves.

Before Japanese colonial rule, most of the Plains Aborigines living on the west coast had already been assimilated by the Chinese and, thus, “disappeared.” After the Japanese took over Taiwan from the Chinese Empire, the colonial government adopted Social Darwinism theory, dividing Taiwan indigenous peoples into three groups, based on their degree of “evolution” and “obedience” to Japanese rule – those who had evolved to the standard of the Chinese, lived in the Japanese-administrated area, and obeyed Japanese laws were “ripe aborigines” () were those who had not evolved much, lived outside the Japanese-administrated area, and never obeyed the de-facto rule of Imperial Japan.

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