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It is our desire to provide learning opportunities for new and existing members, therefore aiding the sport in our area to grow. Our Goal when we first started designing this race was to provide an affordable alternative to high priced one loft races and futurities.

We encourage youth to join us and will help with designing lofts and providing guidance in the care of birds. It is our goal to give our members the opportunity to race your birds in a competitive environment where the entrants experience real life race conditions of multiple lofts actually competing!!

Our goal with DELTA FOCUS is to engage the citizens of Grant County in the prevention of intimate partner violence (IPV).

We hope to create a community where violence is no longer an option and people work together to support one another in engaging in healthy, respectful relationships. Prevention education provided in Grant County to elementary aged youth to educate children about domestic violence is done through two programs: Kid-Ability and Hands are Not for Hitting.

One of our members, Walt Williams was one of the original founding members of the Sycamore Haven Racing Pigeon Club.

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