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It's often too cumbersome and gives too much info about the visual aspect of myself when it's not necessary and when I don't want it to happen. So you as a developer know that underneath the wiring is really simple and basic but hey if users like it and it works out for them. It's true that the basic concept of is pretty similar to a lot of other Web RTC prototypes made (like the ones you mention).

(e.g., getting on a call with a stranger or clients.) Using the "voice" call, I won't worry over washing my face at 9am in the morning. They are just webrtc demo other things like "oh look you can also chat" or "oh your room has a nice name". However we are trying to turn into a commercial product that will be continually improved and adapted to users' needs (that will likely change over time).

Please do read about chrooting to understand its pros and cons.

Chances are that forbidden will just close the connection if users try to connect, and /sbin/nologin will display some error message telling them to contact their administrator or some other generic message.

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