Web services validating the sender

E24494-07 February 2014 Welcome to Oracle Web Logic Server.

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We've breached the market so that you don't have to.

Our data security and delivery time is a priority, and we make sure to deliver the smoothest possible experience.

In fact, if you read Microsoft's documentation, Web Services are featured as the new component architecture in the distributed age where not only Internet exposure is handled through them but also common reusable business and application services. Net framework abstracts most of the internal logic that handles the remoting details of method calls over the wire and Visual Studio .

Net builds support for Web Services directly into the development environment.

If you choose to download and apply the patches yourself, note the following: The patches contained in this well-known patch directory are included in the system classpath using standard Web Logic Server start scripts so that those patches automatically go into effect when Web Logic Server is started.

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