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Open Smart Website stores images of a day in a folder "YEAR-MONTH-DAY". With the free account, up to 7 days are stored, folders elder than 7 days are deleted automatically.This service is ideal for wheather cams, surveilance cams, site cameras and similar applications If your account exceeds the storage limit, upload stops, a message (toast) is displayed on your smartphone.

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Cam Space (Windows only) uses physical objects like a cardboard steering wheel to emulate game controls, but you’ll need to make sure they’re not skintone coloured or the same your clothing.

Works best with racing games and those with limited controls.

Despite the popularity of this application some people are actively searching for alternatives that are easy to use. Sometimes the hassle of downloading and installing an application just isn’t’ your cup of tea.

In other cases you may be in a situation where you don’t have access to Skype or you’re not able to download it for the time being.

At 80% of your limit an email notification will be sent by

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