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There's a reason they call Mia Khalifa the Internet's Favorite Adult Actress!

She's just starting out her adult film career but has shot through the roof in popularity, and you're about to see the reason why.

My husband was so excited to help our five year old make this that he went out and bought a brand new Exact-o Set for the occasion! I highly recommend Easy Cut Pop-Up card patterns if you want to make spectacular, unique cards for your friends and family (there is even an option to print your own message on the front of the card!

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Just as they're falling in love, AJ's phone rings and she darts off to her family obligations.

Mia couldn't jot down her number in time and wonders how she's going to find her again.

When she signs the paper, Jelena promises her the lead in the play, the part that given to her stepdaughter AJ Applegate.

Sweet AJ dreams of being an actress, but Jelena crushes her dreams when she hands her a rejection letter from the New York Film Academy.

That's why she became the #1 most searched-for adult movie star in the world, and there's no telling how big this girl's star will get!

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