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TODAY is playing matchmaker for actor Dean Cain: Three women are competing to go out with him, one each chosen by Dean’s mom, TODAY executive producer Tammy Filler, and Sheinelle Jones. On Thursday actor Dean Cain chose among three lovely ladies to take out on a date (with some help from TODAY).

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Becky and husband Harry Needs announced they had ended their marriage after just 18 months last week.

Though there is no suggestion that Dean had anything to do with their split, in a previous interview it was clear the mum-of-one was taken by the 90s actor.

‘Dean is nicer than Superman, he’s better than Superman,’ she said in an interview with Hello! ‘Being in the house together forced us to bond quicker than we normally would,’ she added.

‘Day three we were doing the skeleton and he gave me a hug.

He dated actress Brooke Shields while at the university.

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