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I know that Lucha Underground is repenting that they made this woman the 1st ever Female World Champion."] "I can't say it was as good as the 2014 or 2015 G1s, but at worst, it's a very close third in terms of the greatest tournaments in wrestling history.

It didn't need WWF/E BS hype, pretending it was so good, it actually was that damn great.

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Del Rio was a series regular for many years, and has already appeared on this generation of consoles by way of WWE 2K15 – but his brief departure for Lucha Underground saw him left off last year’s roster.

We’ll likely also get a theme and entrance for the League Of Nations stable, which saw Del Rio team with Sheamus, Rusev and (the now departed) Bad News Barrett for no discernible reason other than they’re all ‘foreigners’. With former stablemates Blake and Murphy made available for WWE 2K16 as DLC, Bliss completes the set in its successor – as we predicted after spotting her on the NXT Edition box.

– Ariane ‘Cameron’ Andrew recently spoke with TMZ Sports and revealed that she doesn’t date black guys. A little vanilla, a little chocolate, they make cute babies.” She was also asked about The Rock possibly running for President.

She said Rock was “poppin'” and is the only one from WWE who made a name for himself.

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