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“I AM NOT DATING KATY PERRY,” the actor tweeted on Sunday in all caps. After seeing Phillippe’s initial tweet complaining about the helicopters, one fan tweeted at Philippe, “I wish people thought I was dating Katy Perry.”Phillippe quickly responded: Perry, who has yet to comment, has had to deal with her fair share of romance rumors in the past.

thx.”Tabloids were quick to write that Perry and Phillippe had been flirting at Elton John’s birthday party in late March—almost in the exact same way her relationship with Orlando Bloom began at the 2016 Golden Globes (no word on a vape pen, though).

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That album was followed by Battle Studies in 2009, a return to pop, with a number-one grossing tour.

The singer has pretty much admitted he’s not over his ex, and has revealed his new song, Still Feel Like Your Man, is in fact all about her.

Since he's been single, Mayer added that he's been hanging out with Cohen and that the two have been going to gay bars together."I can dig it. "Andy — you guys must know — Andy is the hottest thing going.

When you walk in a gay club with Andy Cohen, he is the Beyoncé of that club.

The insider said John Mayer and Amy Schumer have been friends for several years, but have suddenly taken their relationship in another direction. There, he played a tribute to the late country crooner, Glen Campbell, who passed away days ago after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Are you over the moon or downright confused about the Amy Schumer dating John Mayer rumors?

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