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The Update: I could not find any more information about the status of this lawsuit. Jennifer Colli is in LA pursuing a modeling career From the photos on these linked web sites, it seems that Jennifer, who identified herself as a lesbian and acknowledged having a relationship with a teammate while at SMU, is pretty focused on her modeling career these days and presenting herself as a Danica Patrick wannabe in the photo shoots posted on the internet.An interesting tidbit I uncovered while trying to get an update on this situation – In 1982 People Magazine reported that Nancy Lieberman, Martina Navratilova and Rhonda Rompola (then a star player at SMU) were roommates. Sue Guevara and Central Michigan University The Nutshell: In February, 2009 CMU basketball player, Brooke Heike sued Coach Sue Guevara and CMU claiming that she was benched and her scholarship was revoked because she was NOT a lesbian.

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And of course I found the presence of former basketball player, coach and current ESPN analyst Nancy Lieberman a little problematic. And then she tells all of us who are buying Prada and Coach bags to put our money into season tickets for women's basketball. Also, in this vein was the, "we need to stop blaming the men and do something" argument.

She was last to speak and her role was to rev up the crowd to take action. But what she preaches isn't exactly the rhetoric I would like to see around Title IX; and she is not the person I really like to hear preaching it. Except when she asked those in the crowd to raise their hands if they owned such a bag few did. But Lieberman also likes to blame football for the out of whack budgets and opportunities.

The list of the final nominees is determined by the writers by early February.

This list is sent to all the sportswriters and the writers have until early April to return their final ballot.

I did not know all that much about the former so it was a good panel for me. Her point: that we need to prove (to men) that we are interested in sports (by buying tickets and not Prada) before we can get taken seriously.

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