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22, 2012: Senate internal economy committee tasks three senators with reviewing Sen. 12: A letter to senators tells them they have to provide their health card, driver’s licence, income tax return and signed letter stating where they vote, in order to prove their residency claims. Senate’s internal economy committee asks for special legal advice on Duffy’s residency. 11: Senate leaders say anyone who wrongfully claimed housing allowance should repay money with interest. 11: Duffy visits Langevin building, home to the Prime Minister’s Office. April 19: The Senate publicly confirms the repayment of Duffy’s expenses. It’s where you file your income taxes from, where you get your mail.” Dec. 8: Brazeau, Harb and Duffy expense claims are sent to auditors for review. About 20 minutes after Tkachuk leaves Langevin, Sen. After presenting their findings, the committee expands the audit to include the period between April 2009 and March 2011.The interviews were seldom booked more than a day in advance and in many cases were booked overnight when a story broke.

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Most of those appointed to the Senate were not household names, but well-connected Tories such as defeated candidates, campaign organizers and party fundraisers.

The government says it's still committed to democratizing the Senate and that nominees are expected to resign and run for their seats if their province ever introduces elections to the upper chamber.

Only Alberta and Saskatchewan have plans for elections.

Being a Saskatchewan appointment, Wallin might wind up being among the first to give up her seat.

One Tory senator in the room suggests Duffy resign his Senate seat. 3, 2013: The Senate officially hires auditing firm Deloitte to review Sen. According to Harb, his lawyer is not given a chance to speak during the meeting.

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