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And while it seems Braff can freely make way down the street without any trouble, his good friend, Harry Styles, has a different situation.

Even though it is set in a hospital Scrubs is generally well known for not showing any actual surgery or even a drop of blood throughout its 9 seasons (horrifically leaving such scenes to viewers' over-active imaginations); despite this there have been calls in some corners to ban it because of the psychological trauma it is considered to inflict on viewers, campaigners often citing the traumatic travails in JD's lovelife as the reason.

Braff was quickly established in acting circles as the most intense and hardcore performer since Tommy Wiseau, a Belgian-American method-acting prodigy who is rumoured to eat gibbon for breakfast.

They like going to see bands at warehouse parties, too.

Zach's keen to keep this out of the public eye – he doesn't want to be part of her songwriting – and Taylor says she's ready for something more mature now.” Let me tell you, as someone who's read quite a few rumors of new celebrity relationships in my day, that's A.

But most importantly, here was a writer-director-actor unafraid to create a character close to his own personality.

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