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People were also spreading the clip through private messaging apps.

The movie is set at Sutton Academy, the kind of elite New England prep school that produces the people who will go on to wreck the economy and the environment while embezzling money to buy new boobs for their 14-year-old daughters. He’s the son of a billionaire senator, good-looking, a star lacrosse player, intelligent, amoral, entirely debauched (in a clean-cut Lifetime movie kind of way) and the only compelling character in the whole damn film. Lucas and Emily have a mutual admiration thing going on, but he’s part of the in-crowd while she’s gross and weird in the way that movies make young, attractive girls gross and weird, with her flawless skin and shiny black hair. You’re not trying at all, , and I am sick of your shit. IT TOOK 75 GODDAMMNED MINUTES TO GET THAT ON SCREEN. All of our characters our seniors and working on their “hand-offs,” a school tradition wherein seniors pass along a memento to underclassman.

The paper is evidently staffed solely by her nerdy Indian sidekicks who barely matter except as a sop to diversity. “Years from now, people at this school will know I was the man,” says Teen Hitler, because he’s a budding supervillain.

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A sex tape filmed in a Beijing Uniqlo store has triggered a police investigation after the footage spread like wildfire on Chinese social media sites this week.

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