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The attorneys must meet the ABA's list of requirements -- being licensed, insured and subject to client satisfaction surveys among them -- to be listed in bar-related referral directories.Other sites also maintain lawyer referral services. Oh I could make these jokes all day long — just like we made fun of the high school virgins back in the '80s, when "virgin" is what the cool bullies called you when they wanted to negatively impact your self-esteem. " Now there are dating sites, so boys and girls can get together to make it harder to maintain their virginities. " (That's "boyfriend" if female, because Proposition 8/Smoposition 8, this particular virgin dating site is hooking up singles like it's Aug. Frankly one expects better story exposition from the recently deflowered blathering away online. Nevermind that fetishized "purity" has been used to oppress women since the dawn of time or that teens who take virginity pledges are more likely to engage in riskier sexual behavior.

"But a lot of legal matters are really just a matter of paperwork.

If you have good information, you can do the paperwork yourself." Here are some of the legal services available online for a fee -- or for free -- in addition to how to make sure you're following advice from a legitimate and safe web site.

As a freelancer - I've sometimes found it difficult to navigate the clients employee mindset.

For example I find they have to fill a 38 hour week, so meetings drag on far longer than they need to, or long winded phone calls, while I want to get a good job done fast.

Gone are the days when you need to turn to the Yellow Pages to find an attorney in your area to help you solve your legal woes.

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